The Blue Nose Pitbull: Everything New Owners Need to Know

Written by: Iron King Kennels

Learn about the blue nose pitbull, and what makes it stand out.

Blue nose pitbull breeders, if they are reputable, have some of the most comprehensive knowledge of the breed. They are like walking encyclopedias on nothing but the pitbull. That’s great when you’re buying the dog, but what happens after you get home?

Pit bulls are not easy to manage if you live a sedentary lifestyle. You need to be active, and you should have a good environment with lots of social interaction set up for your dog. Before you purchase blue pitbull puppies, make sure you’re prepared to handle all the challenges you’ll face along the way. Pit bulls are beautiful animals with a strong sense of loyalty and a loving personality, so nurturing that side of their disposition will lead to a long and loyal bond with your puppy.

Disspelling Myths

There is a lot of confusion over the average American pitbull dog for sale. Unscrupulous sellers will try and tell you that the blue and red nosed pit bulls differ, but that’s not the case. Both of these breeds trace their roots back to the American pit bull terrier. Blue nose pit bulls may also miss the blue color on the tip of the nose. These puppies aren’t  any different from any other blue nose. In fact, it’s difficult for anyone to tell how or why the color of the nose changes.

Caring for the Puppy

The blue nose pit bull requires a great amount of care if you want to raise a happy and healthy dog.  All pit bulls require time outside, so it’s recommended you take your puppy for a walk at least once per day. Bored dogs tend to be depressed, which can manifest in unwanted behavior (such as chewing on furniture).