5 ways to become everyone’s favorite boss

If you want to get the most out of people, it is important that your employees know that they are valued. Here are some tips that will help you become everyone’s favorite boss.

Avoid being a “cool boss.”- It is important to maintain a balance between being authoritative yet down-to-earth. Do this by being the first person at work and the last person to leave. Look at exhibiting enthusiasm in everything you do and being open and available to employees to come in and have a chat.

Remember your workforce is not your family – Your teammates can be close friends, but they should not be confused with family. Ensure your business has some form of work culture but avoid one that is restrictive and unforgiving as this can have a negative effect.

Invite and embrace criticism – This can be hard, but a rule that can help you and your business move forward. Look at creating an environment that welcomes constructive feedback and provides a platform for your employees to address their issues.

Don’t be a target – You should be available but not too available. Do deliver good news, interesting developments and cool new hires to the company. In the meanwhile pay close attention to interactions between your employees, to better understand relationships and how they can be improved.

Use competitors as motivators – Look at your competitors and what you can learn from them. By adapting to your competitors, your business could enhance its competitive edge and your employees will be more open to embracing these changes.