Choosing the Right Construction Claims Consultant

As most of you already know, finding the right consultant to perform a thorough construction claim analysis on your ongoing case can be arduous and even stressful. However, there are certain factors that’ll make consultants stand out over others. This guide will break down how to hire the right consultant that’s worth both your time and money.




It should come as no surprise that experience ranks at the top of your qualifications list. Without enough experience, the consultant won’t be able to provide you with any positive assets that could work in your favor when it comes to the result of the claim. Furthermore, a lack of experience could end up with you receiving misleading information, which could in turn mess up your chances at winning the claim.


Always opt for a trusted consultant that’s worked in the construction field like Lyle Charles, who’s experience and reputation has made him a well-known figure in the construction law industry.




Don’t underestimate the power of reputation, especially when it comes to the digital space. With so many different review websites circulating, thousands upon thousands of consumers are scanning each and every review before deciding which consultant they want to work with. In your case, you’ll want to ensure that the consultant or company can provide quality services that produce positive results.


Keep in mind however, most reviews aren’t 100% accurate and you’d be much better off trusting the ones that describe, in detail, what occurred during the consultation. For instance, if you see a review that basically states “bad company, did not charge me the right amount”, you have to think about both sides. For one, the business may have accidentally charged the wrong amount and completely apologized for the inconvenience, but the review might still be up. To you as the consumer, it may seem like a red flag, but you have to understand that not every review is going to be fair.


Final Thoughts


Choosing the right construction consultant can be a difficult task, especially if this is your first time seeking out advice from an expert. With due diligence along with some background research, you’ll be able to find a company that can offer you quality services without the hassle. Be sure that you understand what you’re looking for before you reach out to your preferred consultant so you’ll be able to go into the visit prepared. This includes gathering all pertinent documents, drafting information that’s relevant to the claim, and providing anything else that the consultant requires.