Dr. Eric Amidi Discusses the Story of How a Man Lifted a Cow

Written by Heather Richards

Does a certain goal seem too lofty or beyond your reach? There are many things that might stop us from reaching our desires, but according to Dr. Eric Amidi one of the most common obstacles is the point of view that a goal is “too big and too far to attain.” In his blog “How a Man Lifted a Cow,” the quantum physicist and author of the ebook “The Secret Behind the Secret,” uses the story of how a man lifted a cow to demonstrate the secret to achieving great things.

The story goes something like this: a seeker goes on a journey and runs into a man who is able to lift a cow. The seeker questions the people around him about this man’s abilities, but most of them attribute his secret to strength. However, the seeker knows there is something more to the story and asks the man directly. The man tells him that he has been lifting this cow every single day in the same spot for years, but in the beginning no one cared that he was able to lift a small calf. It wasn’t until the calf grew into a large cow that people started to notice.

Dr. Eric Amidi uses this example to teach readers that the same thing happens with great achievements. While a great achievement is often praised, most people fail to acknowledge the small steps it took to get there. However, those small steps make all the difference. Dr. Amidi suggests that the best way to reach a goal is to start small. Read the entire blog for some practical examples and more tips by Dr. Eric Amidi.