Five simple tips for a smoother trip

Article written by Best Businesses

Everyone likes to take a well-earned holiday, at least once a year. Here are five simple tips to make your trip a smoother one.

Park with your car nose out – It is best to park your car in a safe location with your car nose parked out. This is because in the event your battery dies or your car will not start, you will find it easier to access your battery or hook it up to a tow truck.

Leave time to get to economy lots – Look for parking spaces that are cheaper and best for long trips. Most of these parks will have buses or monorails that run to and from them for quick easy access.

Pack essentials in your carry-on – Most often travelers will lose their checked baggage and the airline will take a few days to locate and deliver the missing luggage. This can really leave you with nothing to wear and start your trip on a bad note. Therefore, pack a few essentials and a few items of clothing for you manage, till to buy some fresh clothes.

Know your hotel information – Carry your hotel’s name, address and phone number, with a copy of your booking. It is also a good idea to have a map of your hotel, just in case you need to show a confused cab driver.

Take old currency with you – If you have any stray foreign currency, take it with you on your trip. You can always exchange it with money in the country of your arrival.