Healthy New Year’s resolution ideas

New year resolutions are a good way to get the year started and make sure that your year is productive. Here are some sustainable new year resolutions that will help you make the year a worthwhile one.

Make your annual primary care appointments – Look at speaking to your doctor and asking him or her what annual preventative checks you should be doing to stay healthy. Once you have listed these out, look at checking these items off your list as the year progresses.

File your family’s health history – Your family health history is an excellent guide to help you avoid certain illnesses. Having these details on file will also mean that you can check with your doctor when you visit him/her and clarify any questions you may have.

Get at least eight to ten hours sleep – Getting at least eight hours of sleep will help your body recover and help you fight off illness while strengthening your immune system.

Meal prep every Sunday – If you prepare your meals weekly, you can ensure that you receive the right amounts of protein, vegetables, grains, and fruits that you need to manage or reduce your weight. Batch cooking on a Sunday is the best way to prep for the week ahead and reduce the time you spend in the kitchen.

Don’t wait until you’re ravenous to eat – Eating when your starving, is a recipe for disaster. Most often when you are starving the chances are that you will consume more calories than if you ate at your usual mealtime.