How Limiting Beliefs Can Prevent Abundance

Article written by Zhang Xinyue  

As we move through life, we begin to see that some people seem to have more successful lives than others. There are just certain people who seem to have it all. They have great relationships within their family and lots of good friends. They have a good job that they love and financial security. Maybe they even have someone they care for to share their life with.  

As we see people like this around us, we may wonder how they came to have so much abundance. A study into this topic has shown that many of us have limiting beliefs in our minds. It’s difficult for us to open our mind to wider points of view with greater opportunities.   When we develop an abundance consciousness, we can break through those limiting beliefs. We can attain better opportunities and greater prosperity will manifest in our lives.  

It all begins with changing your viewpoint. You can begin today to visualize and conceptualize a life with incredible happiness and abundance in every area. You can open yourself up to possibilities. Positive energy attracts the positive forces of the universe. For instance, try doing a few good deeds next week. Remind yourself often that you are a worthy individual. You are successful and happy with your life.  

Adopting a new belief system may be challenging at first, but it is well worth the effort. Look around you. Planet Earth is teeming with abundance. There is life everywhere. But there is also lack and poverty. Make the personal decision today to choose abundance and you will begin to attract greater opportunities.  

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