How to Floss Properly

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Dental floss is the one oral care step most of us tend to skip over. We all regret the trip to the dentist, and the inevitable declaration that “you need to floss more,” but the reality is that many people don’t know the proper technique.

First, remove about a bit more than 18 inches of floss from the container. Wrap that length around your finger so that it forms a tight bond around your finger. This prevents the floss from slipping from your fingers. The other piece of string should be hanging loose from your fingers, forming something akin to a guitar string pulled taut.

You need to take the long strip of exposed string, then guide it gently into the cavities between your teeth. This helps you remove debris from areas your tooth brush can’t reach. Leave these deposits unchecked for too long and they will begin to build up plaque. Let that plaque sit and it will harden to form tartar, which is difficult to remove without a trip to the dentist.

Ideally, you’ll floss after every meal, but that’s not always possible. Most dentists understand that it’s not likely a patient will follow through on that, so they recommend the very attainable goal of once daily.

All told, the entire process of cleaning your mouth should take roughly three minutes. Two minutes spent brushing and a minute spent flossing.

There are various kinds of floss that will do the job. The type you choose is largely down to personal preference.

For instance, waxed floss is much easier to move between the teeth than unwaxed, but both are equally effective at removing debris from between your teeth. You should also be aware that flavored wax doesn’t actually add calories to your diet, so it’s perfectly fine to go with cinnamon or mint flavoring if it leaves your mouth feeling fresher.

You should try to opt for wider floss if possible. The wider surface area means a larger portion of the mouth is covered, and the floss is over all more effective. Floss picks are especially useful for those who can’t seem to maintain a hold on their string of floss. These picks make it easier to get those hard-to-reach spaces that your brush won’t target.

Flossing is difficult to wrap your mind around at first, but with practice it will come as naturally as brushing your teeth.


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