Kitchen hacks that make healthy meal prep a breeze

After a long day of work and a gym session, most people have little energy to cook themselves a meal. This can often derail your health and fitness goals and leave you feeling like you are not making any progress.  Here are some easy meal prep tips that can help you make healthy meals in a hurry.

Buy a steamer – Steaming your food is a great way to keep nutrients in and avoid using excess oil. Steamers are now available at most homeware stores and will just require you to cut up some vegetables and meat and place it in the steamer with a little water. Add salt and pepper and your meal is ready to eat in minutes.

Bake hard-shell tacos – If you want something crispy, but don’t want to eat the excess grease, make crispy tacos. You will need a muffin tin and a few soft tacos. Simply flip the tin, and place the tacos down and bake for 15 minutes. Fill with your favorite filling and your meal is ready.

Prep overnight oats – Oats are healthy, filling and packed with fiber. The oat night variety is easy to make and will you help stay fuelled all through to lunch. Combine oats, your favorite milk or non-dairy alternative in a mason jar the night before. For added crunch add some fresh fruit, granola or yogurt just before you eat your oats.