Kratom Explained

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Kratom is an amazing new supplement that comes from Southeast Asia. It has some important health benefits for everyone, and none of the harmful effects that come with some of the drugs typically used to treat patients for pain. In fact, Kratom has become an important tool in fighting opiates and improving health. Here are some of the facts of kratom from Sebastian Guthery, a leader in Kratom access efforts.

Kratom was banned in Thailand, even though it comes from that region, because the population misunderstood its effects. Long term, Kratom can offer some important health benefits but it must be ingested properly.

The leaves of Kratom are the source of the chemical compounds that improve overall health. Often, these leaves are ground into a fine powder and taken in a controlled dosage. The lighter dosage is the most common, but heavies doses are also useful for various symptoms. In lighter doses, the supplement improves circulation and provides metabolic boost. In heavier dosages, it can combat anxiety and help with chronic fatigue.

It can even be used as an aphrodisiac in couples therapy, and it’s been linked to lower blood pressure too.

A small percentage of users report a kind of “hangover” from ingesting Kratom. This has to do with deviating from the dosage schedule. The symptoms of such a hangover include a headache and a feeling of fatigue. Most of the time, resting should do the trick. Those who follow the recommended dosage will almost never have this issue. How has Kratom affected your life?