Rest for the Road-Weary: Sleeper Cab Starter Ideas for Truckers

Coming from a family of truckers, comfort can feel far and away when you’ve been on the road for hours or days at a time. Staying in motels night after night takes a toll on your body and mind, and sleeper cabs can be a perfect solution if lack of rest is taking a toll on your health. If you’re looking at a sleeper cab, here are a few necessities and luxuries that complete the package.

Must Haves

Sleeping berths are usually optimized for as much storage as possible, so take inventory of what you will need while traveling overnight. Your bedding should be space-conscious; a natural latex mattress offers better body support and greater durability than air mattresses. If you plan to bring food with you, invest in a portable cooling unit such as an ice box or refrigerator. Hanging a heavy curtain between the front cab and bed area provides privacy and reduces unwanted noise and sunlight.


There are also many ways to add luxury to your sleeper berth. There are outlets that can be used for portable TVs, microwaves, and coffee makers that you can stow while driving. You could add a natural latex mattress topper to your mattress for extra cushioning. Fans, vents, and dehumidifiers can also help make the smaller space comfortable when the curtain is pulled back.

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