Top Trendy Renovation Ideas For Your Camper

Summary: Looking to turn your camper into a fun, chic hang-out area? Here are some innovative ideas that’ll revolutionize the way you see your old RV.

Channel the inner creativity within you and turn that rusted, old camper into an amazing hang-out spot for you and your friends. To be fair, it does require a bit of handiwork and DIY skills, but the end result is more than stunning. Here are some cool ideas that you can use to transform your RV into the next best thing.

A Bar on Wheels?

If you and your friends love hanging out and casually drinking while relaxing in the outdoors, why not turn your camper into a portable bar for you and your friends? The key to this is gutting the interior and make it resemble a small, tidy kitchen. You’ll want a spacious area for all your drinks as well as a mini-fridge to store other beverages. If you can, include a solid amount of table space so you and your friends have the appropriate room to work with.

Replicate a Food Truck

There’s nothing better than going to a local food truck that serves the finest snacks and delicacies. But, what if you could make your own that’s reserved for just you and your friends? This project might a bit more on the ambitious side but if you and your group could use a portable kitchen for road trips and camping, you could transform it into a mini food truck or cooking space.

This obviously requires you to create a significant amount of space for both furniture and appliances – depending on how far you want to take this project. If you want to install a grill, you’ll want to make sure you create an area where you can connect it to a gas tank, and also be sure that the area is well-ventilated. Every food truck has a shaft that leads to the outside so the fumes and gas won’t become trapped within the vehicle, which is extremely dangerous.

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