5 Ways to make your hotel room more comfortable

Article written by Nyc Z

Most travelers may find it hard to afford world-class accommodation when they are on holiday. Therefore here are some tips that will make an average hotel room a little more comfortable.

Pack slippers – Slippers are great to keep your feet warm and help you navigate through not so clean toilets and carpeting. Look for slippers that collapse and fit easily into your luggage.

Keep it clean – Do a quick check of your mattress to see if you have any bed bugs and use an alcoholic wipe on the most used areas like the TV remote, phone and door knobs.

Bring your own toiletries – Avoid using toiletries like lotions, shampoos and shower gels that are left in cheap hotel rooms. It is best to bring your own products to avoid having to deal with frizzy hair or an allergy.

Take control of noise – Cheap hotel rooms are often noisy as they are close to traffic or the guests tend to be loud. Bring a set of earplugs that you can wear to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Keep yourself entertained – You may find that cheap hotels will not have cable or channels in English. Therefore bring along your kindle or iPad with your favorite books, magazines, and movies. If you can bring your own HDMI cable you and watch your shows on the hotel’s TV screen.