Legal assistance for construction claims

Written by Lyle Charles

Disputes can arise when handling a construction project, as there are many parties involved. Nowadays many construction projects are large and therefore when a dispute occurs it is vital to get the assistance of legal construction professionals.

Legal professionals will take on a project after they conduct a construction claims analysis. The legal team will need the Construction Company or party to provide all information and communication relating to the project. This process helps the legal team to analyze the facts. The legal team will then identify the cause-and-effect relationship between the events in question and who or what bears the responsibility for the impact.

Most construction legal professionals will offer

Conduct a delay analysis

Construction claim preparation

Quantify cost and damages

Offer pre-litigation consultation

Look for expert testimony

Analyze the cost and inefficiencies

Offer mediation support

Resolve disputes

Offer claims avoidance strategies

Choosing the right legal representation will involve analyzing the firm’s track record of resolving claims in a timely and cost-effective manner. Client’s should also ensure that legal professionals are quick to respond and easy to contact in case of an emergency. Since construction disputes can drag on for many years, it is important that the legal firm chosen is known to close cases in a short period of time.


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