What is the best way to check if consultants with a working visa are genuine?

If you are considering hiring a consultant for your firm who is working in the country using a work visa, you may want to clarify if the consultant is trustworthy and legally authorized to work in the US. The best way to assess the consultant is to meet with the consultant more than once in an environment that is not in an interview setting. You should also consider the following:

Check whether he/she has a working visa – Consider the regulatory immigration bodies in your state and ask your consultant if he/she can provide you a copy of their visa and the front page of their passport. You should then send these details to the immigration office and clarify that they can work as a consultant in the US.

Check the location/premises/office – Most consultants will also have an office if they have been in the country for some time. Look at visiting this office at least once and preferably with little or no prior notice.

Check the website – Consultants who know how to market themselves will also have a website. Carefully read and understand the content, the terms, and the clients they have previously worked with and the quality of the articles on the site.

References – Often consultants who have worked overseas will have clients overseas. These brands and companies maybe unheard of in the US. Therefore, look at checking these companies online and calling them directly to gather more information about the consultant.