Three Types of Cushions You Can Use in an Office Setting

Summary: Sitting for long periods of time on an uncomfortable chair can lead to an assortment of pains and even potential injury. Choosing the right cushion for your chair can alleviate a majority of symptoms stemming from poor posture.

Working at an office, you’re likely to spend most of your shift seated at your desk. Without the proper chair to support your back, you’re looking at hours, even days, of unwanted pain and soreness. To counter this, you can purchase cushions that you can add to your office chairs. Here are three common types of cushions to consider.

Seat Cushion

Seat cushions can help prevent back pain after sitting for a long time. While you might not think of it as an able support system that’ll alleviate any soreness, it can actually benefit you in the long run. Look for a seat cushion that has some firmness to it, as it will essentially be supporting the majority of your weight as you are seated. If you end up using a compressed seat cushion, it’ll likely lack the support that you need so be sure to choose carefully.

Back Cushion

A back seat cushion can help you avoid slouching at times. The cushion essentially maintains a convex shape that matches your back and supports your spin. Most back cushions will attach to your chair by a series of straps or Velcro. Be sure that you have lumbar support built into the back cushion that you attach as it’s extremely important when it comes to proper alignment of the body.

Heated Cushions

Heat treatment has always been a remedy for back pain. There are certain cushions that have heat settings that you can adjust manually to fit your personal preference. All you need is an outlet near the chair and you’re good to go. Some of these cushions are large enough to cover the back and the seat of the office chair so make sure that the cushion you’re looking at will fit comfortably on your office chair.

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