Comforters? Quilts? What’s the Difference?

Arranging the bedroom is no easy task, especially when it comes to the bed itself. It’s no wonder that so many consumers assume that quilts and comforters are the same thing. Each piece brings something different to the bedroom, and before you decide which is best you should understand what they are. Here, we will help clear up the confusion and give you solid advice on what to buy.


Comforters are thick, and can sometimes look quilted, but the colors and filling make it a unique kind of bedding. Fabrics are usually dyed and filled with some kind of synthetic threading designed to keep the sleeper warm. Thickness is key here, as the thicker the comforter means the heavier it will be. Comforters need to be stitched in order to secure the filling inside, and they are intended to act like the bed spread. They typically sit atop your sheets, but can be used to create a layered aesthetic many people find pleasing.


Quilts are a traditional kind of bedding that are not as in-fashion today. They aren’t usually used as bedding, opting instead as throw pieces for furniture. They are largely decorative, and once held the story of a family within the stitching. Quilts are made of many pieces of cloth that are stitched together, and they have several iconic patterns as a result. Quilts are usually handmade to commemorate something, but they have also been known to cover tables in place of a table cloth.