The Properties of High Density Foam

High density foam sheets have a wide range of applications in manufacturing. Chemicals used in the creation of polyurethane help to give car seats their structure. Foam inserts help add cushions to bedding, while thin strips can be made into a rubberized material similar to a rubber band. The properties of polyurethane foam make these applications possible.

How High Density Foam Works

One of the best ways to explain the properties of high density foam is to look at one of its uses. Foam mattress toppers help us understand how foam reacts, and why we are able to use it in such an array of products. When the sheet lays dormant, the foam molecules are equally distant from one another and maintain their composition. If we laid a person on that sheet, the molecules would bunch up to support that person’s spine. The flexibility of those molecules makes the foam sheets snap back into shape, which is one reason why closed cell foam from Canada is good for re-upholstery projects.

This foam is constructed of cells that are similar to bubbles. The cells are densely packed, letting air pass through the compartments faster. Since the air can pass through with ease, the cushion is able to absorb impact with an increased efficiency.

Low Cost, High Reward

High density foam sheets are inexpensive to produce at quantity. Even custom-cut sheets offer a better cost-benefit than standard forms of packaging. Custom cut foam also looks professional. That low costs helps everything from initial product price to shipping for repairs much easier on consumers. It also protects products as they are shipped all over the world. Foam padding also tends to meet or exceed the life expectancy of comparable products, so its value far surpasses similar offerings.

Temperature Insulation

Foam is an excellent product for insulation, which is why you’ll often find it lining the doors of freezers and refrigerators. The cells can be manufactured tightly packed together, so it’s much harder for hot or cold air to pass through. You’ll also find foam byproducts lining the walls of residential and commercial construction projects.

Final Thoughts

Foam is multi-faceted. You’ll find it in almost every industry because it’s one of the cheapest substances to work with. Foam is also easy to shape and customize, so hobbyists rely on it frequently in the projects they create. The ability to alter how foam reacts is its greatest asset.
Carlo Badalamenti writes on behalf of Foam Factory, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor for custom foam cushions. Order medical grade foam sheets today from Foam Factory, Inc.