Common dental restoration procedures

Article written byElite Dental Group

If you suffer from cracked, missing, or decayed teeth it may be a good idea to consider dental restoration treatments. Not only will restoring your teeth enhance your confidence, but restorations will strengthen and keep adjoining teeth stable.

Here are several dental restoration procedures which offer amazing results:

Fillings – Fillings are used to treat damaged teeth but are also used to repair cracked and chipped teeth. The most common fillings used include composite resin, silver, gold, and amalgam fillings.

Bridges – Bridges are used to help patients who have lost a tooth. Teeth loss is known to cause facial sagging and jawbone loss as teeth shift and crowd when a tooth is removed. Bridges are false teeth that are placed between two teeth to fill in the gap.

Crowns – Crowns are placed over a tooth to help strengthen a weak or worn tooth. They are created to fit the patient’s tooth using porcelain, metal, ceramic, or resin.

Implants – Dental implants are an option for patients who have one or many missing teeth. They are also a hassle-free option when compared to removable dentures. Implants are secured onto the jawbone and function just like natural teeth. The process takes around 6 months to completely heal and for the artificial root to connect to the jawbone. Implants can also prevent teeth shifting and facial sagging due to teeth loss.

Modern dentistry procedures have made it easier for patients to achieve a beautiful smile at any age with less invasive treatments and faster recovery times.

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