Is Mobile Internet Better than Satellite Internet for RVs?

If you’ve decided to take your life on the road in an RV, you’ll need a reliable Internet connection if you want to stay connected with the outside world. If you’re only using your RV for a road trip vacation, you might be fine with using public Wi-Fi at designated hotspots in tourist destinations. However, if you plan on living in your mobile home while venturing into highly remote areas and rural towns, you may want to look into getting a reliable rural Internet service provider for your communication, research, and entertainment needs.

Because satellite Internet service providers have a reach that spans the entire globe, many see them as an ideal solution for RVers who want to use the Internet during their incursions into remote areas. However, there are two issues RVers interested in the Internet for rural areas should think about. First, many dishes for satellite Internet are susceptible to obstructions from natural and man-made structures. If you park your RV in the wrong place, you may have trouble establishing a reliable connection. Secondly, because satellite signals come to Earth from outer space, the delay can cause high levels of latency.

On the other hand, mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi supply unlimited 4G rural Internet without the latency that plagues satellite Internet. Because UbiFi and other similar companies use cell towers to provide an Internet signal, the signal’s latency is much lower, since the distance it has to travel is shorter. In light of this, RVers may choose a company like UbiFi for reliable, low-latency Internet access if they are planning to play online multiplayer games while on the road.