Is it Possible to Successfully Treat Opiate Addiction with Ibogaine?

Beond Ibogaine is an Ibogaine clinic in Mexico they have a full staff of qualified highly professional medical practitioners. The clinic offers its patients the best nutritionists, meditation, and yoga instructors, and many other therapies and healthy options to better their client’s well-being. Treatment plans are customized to each client’s specific needs and measures are in place to ensure that the safety of the patient is a priority. All personnel are registered in their fields be they nurses, doctors, or therapists.

Ibogaine for opiate addiction is offered to clients in medical doses that are able to help them to reduce their cravings and it has been shown to have long-term effects that show less return to using opiates. The medical use of Ibogaine when treating opiate addiction has been successful in managing the withdrawal from opiates. The Beond Ibogaine center has formulated and introduced protocols to make prescribing Ibogaine to patients in their care safe and secure.

Alternative therapies for depression are explored and used to offer a new and innovative way forward using the psychedelic drug in carefully monitored doses. Ibogaine has been derived from a shrub in Africa and is used for its mind-altering qualities in conjunction with counseling, art therapy, and mood and movement classes.

Beond Ibogaine educates their patients on the qualities and advantages of the drug Ibogaine is a habit-interrupting drug that is not addictive and therefore is safe to use with people that have addictive personalities or are already addicted. There have been many success stories of people finding a new life after spending 2 weeks at an Ibogaine treatment center.

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