Should You Order Custom Couch Cushions?

If you need to replace one of your seat cushions due to damage, discomfort, or being worn out, most people are aware of buying cushions straight from the manufacturer as a common replacement option. However, there are advantages to ordering custom replacement cushions from a cushion manufacturer such as The Foam Factory instead. The biggest advantage is the degree of customizability afforded by this process.

When purchasing replacement cushions from a furniture retailer, you may only get options to get seat cushions that are pre-fitted and designed to fit their furniture products. Some retailers may not even sell replacement cushions for their unique furniture designs. When furniture retailers sell furniture that is made from complex, distinctive geometric shapes, it can be challenging to find pre-fitted replacement seat cushions that fit your furniture’s specifications.

In contrast, when purchasing custom cushions, you can specify your furniture’s dimensions and exact shape. You will have the freedom to choose options for couches, window seats, chairs, and L-shaped sectional furniture. You can also control details such as the thickness of your cushions and the type of foam it is made from. You can choose from denser types of foam that last longer or softer types of foam that provide more comfort. If you plan to buy custom cushions for outdoor use, you can also purchase custom cushions made of a material such as Dryfast Foam, which is an antimicrobial foam designed to dry quickly even after being completely soaked.

If you enjoy DIY projects, you can also buy blocks of foam from foam manufacturers and create custom cushions at home. As long as you have a serrated or electric knife, a tape measure, a marker, and other tools you may need to trace a shape and cut it out. You will also need to wrap the cushion, so you may also need materials such as fiberfill and a spray adhesive. Paired with an aesthetically appealing custom cushion cover, your DIY cushion projects can revitalize your living room or patio. You can even use custom cushion creation methods for projects such as pet beds, boat mattresses, and mattress toppers.