Three tips to beautify your camper van

Your camper van should be comfortable and fit well with your lifestyle and travel needs. To enhance your camper van and get it travel-ready, here are some simple tips that are budget friendly.

Soft furnishings – Most camper van furnishings and upholstery will be fitted with exotic floral prints that do not inspire a fun camping holiday. Look at changing your upholstery by selecting a theme that matches your style. Consider two primary colors and one accent color before you start your selection. Always opt for fabrics that are durable and those that are water, sun and mildew resistant. Make sure that you consider the front seats of your camper van as they can be dull and uninteresting. If you are looking at adding curtains or blinds, firstly consider your theme and who will be using the camper van. If you have small children, it is best to opt for curtains, while families with teens can opt for blinds.

Splash-backs – Splash-backs are necessary to protect areas of your camper from water damage. Choose quickly or simple splash backs depending on your theme and preferences. Stained glass or simple tiles can be good options as they are durable.

Exterior decoration – An excellent paint job will bring older camper vans back to life. Consider a bold shade if your theme permits or if you prefer a safer option look at colors like powder blue, grey, mustard or maroon.

Article by The Foam Factory. A company specializing in the manufacturing and selling of camper cushions and other foam products.