5 Things to pack when traveling alone

Traveling alone can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. However, being prepared will give you the chance to enjoy your holiday and come home safely. Here are 5 things to pack when you are traveling alone.

Door stopper – Security at hotel rooms vary and therefore having an extra layer of protection can really make a difference. You can pack a portable door security device that weighs approximately 8 ounces and this can be placed under your hotel door.

Dummy wallet and money belt – You should keep your money and cards safe by carrying them in a money belt hidden under your clothes. You should also carry a small cheap wallet on you, to toss at intruders if you get mugged.

Medical ID card– If you have allergies or any health conditions, it is vital that you carry this information on you where first responders can easily find it. NomadSOS is a medical ID card that can be customized to include you blood type, allergies, medications and emergency contacts.

Inexpensive wedding band – Women may benefit from wearing a fake wedding band to deter unwanted attention. If you are actually married leave your expensive diamonds at home and opt for cheap imitations for safety.

Whistle/personal alarm – A pepper spray is recommended when traveling alone, but if it is illegal, carry a whistle or a noise device that will scare an attacker.