Cleaning couch cushions that are not machine washable

Written by The Foam Factory

Before you put any couch cushions in the washing machine, check the label and make sure that it is actually machine washable. Many of the cushions we deal with actually require manual cleaning. The cleaning process varies based on the nature of the problem. Let’s look at how to deal with problems like pet dander, debris and cleaning spills from your new cushions:

Dust, pet dander and dirt

Cushions will always attract dust, regardless of what you do. Then there are pets that leave stray pet hair and dander. The best way to clean these up is to use a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. For debris that does not come off for the vacuum, use a small brush with non-abrasive bristles on the surface as well as in the corners. For pet hair, wear a rubber glove and wipe the surface, all the pet hair should stick to the rubber glove.


Just like dust, there is nothing you can do to prevent spills. The important part is to act quickly and blot out the liquid before it seeps into the fabric or other parts of the cushion. Prevent the dye from spilling into the cushion by using a paper towel or a soft white cloth. You can use a cloth soaked in vinegar to blot out food items like mustard and chocolate to prevent staining. Follow up with a clean damp cloth, wiping from the middle to the outside of the affected area.


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