Facebook starts to “hide” posts from companies to clean timeline

Social networks in recent years have become a great tool for exposing brands and promote interaction between clients and entrepreneurs. Chief among them is Facebook, which has gained the attention and investment, which was designed before the media such as television, radio, billboards and pamphlets.

But developers of the social network have “hiding” the free posts enterprises and friends to be able to satisfy users, which is not pleasing or slightly entrepreneurs. “The change has been happening year after year and now in the last six months has intensified. Planned to invest twice this year and actually ended up cutting by half the investment in Facebook, “says the entrepreneur Brazil Cowboy Draft Oscar, 35 years.

For him the social network Mark Zuckerberg does not want the background (but deep down) want to satisfy their users, but. “Definitely want to earn more money. They must evaluate, ah then you are making money using Facebook, so let’s reduce their visibility, now only 10%, or only paying “Draft notes.

With 568,000 tanned, Oscar remembers that in a year and a half, got over 350 thousand of these “likes”. By the end of 2014, does not have much hope that this number will increase.

Another company had to put the brakes on investment in Facebook, was Poésie Jewels, but the entrepreneur does not think that Facebook is acting in a way to think only of money, but I have another strategy. “It sure is not like the old days. I see it as an operational issue. So many posts and updates, you can piss off anyone who enters the social network as leisure. They try to show that you think would be interested, “says Lara Breno, 31, entrepreneur.

According to Breno, the time is now to learn to invest money in sponsored posts and as “manufactures them.” “You have to have a certain emotional appeal. People like and comment postings relationships, pictures of children and animals. My company works with jewels so whenever put fans end up enjoying because it was close, “explains Breno.

Respondents also point out that as entrepreneurs longer a person is on Facebook, and more friends she has tanned fanpages. “Outside the popularity of smartphones, increases, and the number of posts. Another factor that led the owners of the social network limited to it, “adds Breno.

The expert in social networking and commercial technology director WTW group, Kenneth Cooke, 31, estimates that Facebook has reduced the visibility of certain posts out of necessity and it did not come today. “The mechanism is done to gain users. The more one loves, the more it gets. Imagine if you have 170 friends and each do one post a day, it is very difficult to read all “, explains Correa.

Finally, the expert also cites the financial side. “Of course in the end the goal is to make money yourself,” adds Kenneth.

According to Correa, since 2012 Facebook has been restricted in recent months and caused a greater impact. “Since 2012 has decreased delivery of posts. The contents are 1% to users. Per year are halving “he says.

Plan B – For your customers, Kenneth says he is “twisting” to accomplish the goals and results. “Companies will have to make more creative and sponsored posts,” recommends.

Oscar, of Brazil Cowboy says he is betting on other social networks and Youtube. “Now we have to resort to some kind of own portal to attract customers. Making a media itself. Also my bet is on Instagram, but also for the future. Another alternative is Youtube and Google AdWords, “added the manager.