Is a Bed in a Bag Really All You Need?

Summary: Here are some other items you might consider besides a bagged bedding set.

A bed in a bag is a good starter gift for newlyweds and college students especially. Most sets come with everything someone might need to set up a bedroom, but as your home grows you’ll find the bedding doesn’t keep pace. Bedding that is stored properly can last for years, but the styles you liked back then may not be the ones you’ll like in the future. The good news is that you can fill some of those pieces in with individual items outside of a bagged set. Bagged sets also don’t contain everything you might need, like winter and summer sheets. You might want to consider some of these extras if you plan to gift someone a bedding set.

Extra Warmth

Some people sleep cool, so they might need extra warmth that a standard bedding set would leave out of the picture. Girls bedding often has the patterns a parent or child wants, but maybe not the fill that will provide the warmth someone needs. A duvet cover, a simple slip you put over your comforter, might help add a bit of warmth to your bed. These covers can also change the color or style of the bedroom too.

Pillow Cases

Laura Ashley bedding sets come with pillow cases meant for throw pillows in addition to the pillows you sleep on. These decorative cases help enhance the look of the room, so you can add other accessories to bedstands to create certain theme. You might also want covers for your pillows, which help keep the pillows hygienic and easy to clean.