REAL ID Problems You Might Have In Your State

Article written by Delta Driving School

While some states were fairly quick to start complying with the REAL ID Act and to start the process of transferring over to REAL IDs for all their drivers, other states are far behind the rest. If you live in one of these states you may or may not be aware of the turmoil around the implementation of REAL IDs.

This turmoil is in part due to delays and miscommunications but is in part due to a few states that actually passed laws stating that they would not comply. Though this was due do a variety of reasons including privacy concerns to actual objections, the DHS is still insisting that they meet the deadline.

The knowledge that if they did not meet the requirements that all their citizens would have to have passports to fly in the U.S. brought these states around eventually. Now, however, they are very far behind on meeting the regulations.

There is some doubt whether the residents of these states will have everything implemented in time to have REAL IDs when the deadline of October 2020 comes around. In California and Maryland this rush led to miscommunication regarding exactly what documentation was needed to qualify as REAL IDs.

As a result of this many people who had gotten REAL IDs during this mix-up had to go back again and get new ones because the REAL ID that they had just gotten was invalid. The DMV has no plans to postpone the deadline again for the states that were late in beginning.

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