Strategies to avoid bad online reviews

Negative reviews can hurt a business by reducing sales and adversely affecting a business’s reputation. Primarily businesses should reduce bad reviews by preventing customers from leaving negative feedback.

The strategies below have been known to reduce negative reviews:

Request customer feedback from all customers – Speak to customers either in-store or online and ask them for feedback following a purchase. A clear feedback process will identify dissatisfied customers before they have a chance to post a negative review. Additionally, the more positive reviews a company has the less likely customers will focus on negative reviews.

Trained customer service staff – Trained customer service staff will be able to handle customers in a professional, polite manner, expertly calming a disgruntled customer while addressing the issue.

Visit the store – Visiting physical and online stores can help owners understand the business’s shortcomings.

Be easily reachable – A business that is easily reachable will increase its chances of speaking to dissatisfied customers, reducing the need for customers to write a review.

Respond quickly – Addressing online reviews promptly can help calm disgruntled customers and reduce the need to vent on other platforms.

Personalized responses – Personalized responses will let the customer know that someone has acknowledged their review and that the company is looking into the matter.

Honest reviews – Encourage customers to leave honest reviews as they help encourage customers to trust a company’s products and services.

Stay calm and professional – When responding to a disgruntled customer always stay calm while using polite, professional language.

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