The longest lasting foam for sofa cushions

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Are you in the market for a custom foam cushion replacement? You’ll need to be familiar with the different types of foam and their unique properties. Certain kinds of foam are better suited for light use and extra cushioning, while others are meant to be more durable and to bear the full brunt of people’s weight as they recline. If you don’t want to worry about replacing your sofa cushions every few years, you’ll want to choose the denser varieties of foam, since these can last for more than a decade.

When we mention density, we’re not talking about how firm or thick a block of foam is. When people refer to foam density, they are speaking of the amount of material in one cubic foot of foam, as SFGate’s Linda Erlam defines it. A block of foam’s density correlates to how long that foam will last if you sit on your cushions regularly. Varieties of foam such as High Quality HD36 Foam or High Quality Lux Foam, which both have a density of 2.8 lb/ft3, have a lifespan of around 16 years. In contrast, foam that is soft and not dense may only last 1 or 2 years if you use it regularly.

The Foam Factory sells several different kinds of foam, both soft and dense for your specific needs. Be sure to browse through their foams and check the data for each of their products. Hopefully, you’ll know exactly what type of foam you need for your replacement cushions.