When to contact a construction litigation lawyer

Summary: When facing a construction contract that has been broken, you may have hire a construction litigation lawyer who will help with: breaches of contract, injuries, and construction incidents.

If you are facing a construction contract that has been broken, you may have to get the help of a construction litigation lawyer. A lawyer will help you to check your construction contract and assist with your construction claim preparation. Your lawyer will help you with the following;

Breaches of contract – Breaches of the contract may occur when additional funds, materials or man power are required to complete the project. For a fair and reasonable contract for all parties concerned, it is advisable to get the assistance of a lawyer before signing the contract. Beaches in the contract can also occur when internal factors delay processes that impact the entire project.

Injuries due to construction incidents – Injuries can occur on site and cause construction workers or homeowners harm after the home owners reside within the residence. Although litigation may be your first option, there are other routes that your lawyer may advise you on, which will use fewer resources and time. Most often construction companies will take on insurance for normal standard hazards and often payments are paid up fast.

Legal assistance with construction incidents – Construction incidents can occur after the homeowner resides in the building. These incidents should go against the contract and the insurance policy. A good lawyer will know when to proceed with a case and when to seek a settlement.

Written by Lyle Charles Consulting, who recommends construction claim preparation and offers experienced, qualified mediators that can handle a wide range of construction disputes.