Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids

Here are some of the most important questions relating to affordable hearing aids, questions that many people want to know the answers to. They expect to gain enough knowledge to feel confident to purchase the right device for their personal needs.

How is it possible to keep the price so low?

The first thing a person does when their hearing starts to become difficult is making an appointment with a professional, which usually means an audiologist. This is the first step that has been eliminated. You can purchase an FDA approved hearing device that is programmed to correct mild to severe hearing without going to a specialist. In this way, the costs are kept low and affordable.

Are there different types and sizes to choose from?

Yes, there are 2 different types to choose from a BTE which means behind the ear with a tube that goes into your ear canal. An ITE in the ear is almost invisible and is placed inside your ear canal. Most ITE hearing devices will come with different size domes to fit most ears.

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Can cheap hearing aids help tinnitus?

Yes, they can help manage your tinnitus however no hearing aid will cure tinnitus. The aid produces white noise and produces sounds for the brain to focus on and this is called tinnitus masking.

How popular are the cheaper hearing aids?

Hearing aids have always been very expensive and for that reason, many people that are suffering from the most common types of hearing loss are choosing to use more affordable options. 1000s of happy customers cannot be wrong. HueHearing Reviews