How to Help Your Family Navigate a Divorce

DivorceDivorce can be devastating for the entire family, but there are ways to make it less painful. People who are divorcing may want to discuss the possibilities for negotiation, collaboration or mediation with their Long Beach family law attorney. Mediation can be particularly advantageous when children are involved because parents can set the groundwork for a cooperative co-parenting relationship after divorce.

In fact, children may have the most difficult time in a divorce. It is important that parents listen to their fears and reassure them more than once that they are loved and that the divorce is not their fault. Parents should try to maintain as much stability as possible in children’s lives even if moving and other changes turn out to be inevitable. Some studies have shown that children have an easier time adjusting if parents can remain civil during and after a divorce. Parents should keep this in mind and talk to a Long Beach divorce attorney about how they might work toward a solution that suits the entire family.

Extended family might struggle with the divorce as well. Some in-laws may have formed a close relationship with a spouse who is no longer going to be part of the family. People should try to refrain from insisting that loved ones take sides in a divorce. They should also be careful about their use of social media. The temptation to vent could have long-term repercussions.

A family law attorney Long Beach CA may be able to assist a person who is divorcing in navigating through this difficult time.


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