Personal Growth Steps to Create Abundance

We often devote a significant amount of time to improving our physical appearance. We all want to look our best, so we work out and join a gym. We start a daily running routine. We go out and buy new clothes and cosmetics. We may even undergo medical operations to alter our appearance on the outside. But how many people devote time and money to spiritual development each month?

These are all wonderful subjects from Chinese author Zhang Xinyue’s book, Create Abundance. She emphasizes the need of focusing on our spiritual lives. Though changing oneself can be difficult, it is important if we are to progress. Here are some helpful steps you may take in your own life to begin this personal development.

Check out innovative ideas. One way that we can grow is by opening up the world around us. Try something new. Look for opportunities. Take up a hobby.

Ask people you know what they think is your greatest weakness.

Make a list of the places where you feel you could make some changes.

Meditate each day. Meditation gives you a space and time to regenerate.

Her book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue shares some sensible ways that we can begin a new adventure in our lives. By meditating and opening up to the spiritual energy all around us, we can achieve our dreams and become our best self.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance has said this:

“The kind of close and faithful relationship we long to have with our companion is a reward for the maturity of our spiritual growth.”